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Foothold of the Mad

Followers of Pan'ku talk about deck in this section

Foothold of the Mad

Postby Erukai » Fri May 31, 2013 4:15 am

Since there's no alt win sub-forum this seems like it'll work for now. Basically abuse farm scheme to dig for madness wincon, and the 2 recursive kill/rfg engines.

Foothold of the Mad
Bk exp(reg also works but with so little draw I like cycle)
Bh exp

1 pan ku
1 suiteru no ONI
1 Daigotsu Gyoken exp2
1 shugorei

Non farmstuffs
1 pan ku's madness
1 an empire of madness
3 temple of madness
3 small library
1 peddler
1 ageless shrine

3 renewed lands

3 vast paddy fields
3 versatile farm
3 plantation
3 farmers market
3 humble farm
3 large farm
3 small farm
2 terraced farm

3 ducks
3 cursed relics
1 panekis mask
1 mining apparatus
1 kage's teachings
3 chikushudos trickery

3 caught unawares
3 hidden defenses
3 overpower
3 flooded pass
3 theological indecision
3 frozen in place
3 petty squabbles
1 peace
1 game of dice

Ring of void
False ring of fire

Right now it needs a way to slow down non military better than just FRoF. Also I want to fit feign death, serenity in air, and some type of recursion like suns aspiration in case An empire of madness gets forged. Maybe the 1x overlooked+only a shadow could go back in.
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